Black Woman - Just Get Your Hair Wet

Black Woman, Just Get Your Hair Wet: Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential

A refreshingly unique self-help book. Readers can instantly identify with author Angela Brister’s life-altering ideas that impact black women. Angela’s intimate stories and love of storytelling immediately drives home issues we must all become aware of, and take to heart in resolving. She shows how learning from mistakes and failures can become stepping stones to success in making progress with our lives. Often, the journey can become more precious than the destination. We appreciate the value of learning from falling down, picking up and moving on confidently—yes, even rising up higher to achieve our goals—by taking more meaningful steps.

As the subtitle of this powerful personal growth book explains, Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential offers real-life examples that touch the heart and head. But ultimately, the soul’s unwavering light shines forth—in guiding generations of black women who have endured a legacy of psycho-social and economic enslavement—to successfully triumph over the odds.

The book provides self-improvement tips on:

  • Dealing with Depression
  • Exercising and Eating Healthy
  • Making Right Choices
  • Establishing Quality Relationships
  • Building a Realistic Relationship with God
  • Becoming a Role Model
  • Financial Literacy