Black Woman Raise Your Spirit with the Powerful Prayer!

Words are mighty. As the Holy Bible teaches:

“In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.

– John 1:1”

What are constituents of the prayer? Words. But not just any kind of words. Words in the prayer are not the ordinary words we use in our day-to-day communication. These words are connected with other realms; the realms that we, as human beings, cannot comprehend, yet.

What happens on a metaphysical level when you pray?

Have you ever wondered that? Have you ever felt the inexplicable exaltation, joy, and love after the prayer or the Sunday service? Well, I’ll offer my explanation here. Feel free to express your disagreement in the comments below (or your approval for that matter).

When you pray, you’re speaking directly to God. You communicate and interact with God. It is so difficult to explain what happens after you wholeheartedly say your prayers. But I’m sure that you’ve, at least once, experienced the true power of prayer. You’ve felt like God’s grace is settled in your body and in your soul; you’ve felt peaceful and spiritually uplifted after praying.

So prayer has connected you with the metaphysical realm and welcomed the divine force within your body, mind, and soul.

It is apparent that prayer influences not only the spiritual, but also the material part of you – your flesh and bones. There are now even scientific evidence of how prayer is powerful, especially when dealing with illnesses and diseases.

I’ve experienced this power of praying when I was depressed.

What happens on a psychological level when you pray?        

When you wholeheartedly pray, you turn off your ego part and tune into your true self part. Your true self is powerful beyond any measure, because it’s connected directly to God; it’s of God’s nature. Ego thinks that he must control everything, he is the control freak part of you; he’s also the proud part, the ‘I’m always right’ part of you.

Prayers are vehicles for inner transformation. False self (the ego) gives in, and transforms into the true self. As the true self expands, the Holy Spirit feels more ‘at home’ in your body. You are one more step closer to God. All this happens thanks to God’s grace that you invoke with a prayer.

Black Woman pray wholeheartedly surrendering to God

If you really want to be the Spiritual Black Woman, you need to pray every day. You need to set some time just for yourself and pray. It could be either early in the morning or before bedtime.

Also your job is to teach your children how to pray. Make sure prayer becomes essential part of their lives.

After you teach them, let them teach you. You can learn so much from your children about praying and being closer to God. Their souls are pure. They’re purer than me and you will ever be. So just by talking and listening to them you’ll learn so much, trust me.

The power of praying together

I think that we should also pray together. Prayer becomes more powerful when brothers and sisters in Christ pray together in the church.

Speaking of church, Black Woman I have a question for you: Why do you go to church on Sunday? To look for an eligible bachelor? To catch a husband or a boyfriend for yourself?

If so, your job is to change this practice immediately.

The role of the church is not to be a matchmaker. If this is your motive, sign up on a dating site.

The role of the church is to help you on your spiritual path. The role of the church is to show you how to be joyful, full of love, and how to raise spiritually. Set that as your intentions next time you go to church.

Soon your experience of life will become richer. Not only spiritual life; this will transfer to all areas of your life. So you’ll be more productive at work, more loving with your children, family, and friends, you’ll have more patience, your relationships will flourish, you’ll be more financially independent, reach your goals effortlessly.

Spiritual Black Woman just name it and it’ll be within your reach!

Please share below: What’s your favorite prayer? What do you think happens when you wholeheartedly pray? What has happened when you started setting the right intentions before going to church? Did you feel differently after the ceremony? How?


photo credit: commanderjaygold via photopin cc