The Black Woman: Depressed to Empowered

Depression is particularly common among Black Women. Black Women are supposed to carry their ‘Superwoman masks’ all the time. Admitting you’re depressed is considered weakness. So oftentimes you feel confused, asking yourself ‘Am I just feeling blue or do I really have a serious problem, am I depressed?’


You’ll find answers about depression in this section of my blog. You’ll find solutions to overcoming depression and other self-defeating behaviors in sections, such as self-esteem, motivation, hope, and spirit. If you need consulting on a more personal level, contact me and schedule an empowerment session.


If you feel down for more than two consecutive weeks, it could be a signal of depression. It’s particularly difficult to admit you have a problem if you’re a black woman. However, you should know that this condition is not a sign of weakness or a negative personality. It is a major public health problem that affects many people.

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You’ve just given birth to a wonderful baby, still you’re not feeling thrilled about that. In fact, you’re feeling unhappy, weepy, moody, and irritable. Don’t worry! Baby blues are perfectly normal. New moms often feel better after getting some rest and help with their babies.

However, if your baby blues continues for more than two weeks, then maybe you’re experiencing the postpartum depression. You should continue reading to find out more about it. Continue reading

If you are a depressed woman, you’re probably asking yourself why you feel so gloomy, what is the cause of your depression. First, you need to know that, as a woman, you’re two times more prone to depression than men. Female depression is different from male depression. Depressed men tend to blame others, feel angry, irritable; ego inflated, suspicious, guarded, restless, agitated, and create conflicts. While women tend to behave and feel just the opposite when depressed.

This means you’re probably lying somewhere in a fetal position, covered with blankets and pillows, hoping that everybody will leave you alone. You’re pondering over and over the same dark thoughts, like a broken record. You’re blaming yourself for the condition you’re in.

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Feeling sad or blue from time to time doesn’t mean that you’re depressed. It only means that your life is like the life of any other human being; consisting of cycles when you’re feeling great and cycles when you’re feeling not so great.

On the other hand, if you are depressed, you’re overwhelmed with dark feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. These feelings are often accompanied by guilt and shame. You feel like a black cloud is constantly hovering over your head.

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Dear Black Woman,

Why did I write BLACK WOMAN Just Get Your Hair Wet: Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential? It’s because we need to be aware of a growing national crisis where depression is wreaking havoc on African American women—and the painful consequences in preventing us from reaching our fullest potential to be happy and fulfilled! Continue reading

GOAL: 5 Tips for Productive Brainstorming

Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand. ~ Chinese Proverb

One of the most challenging, yet fun, parts of project management is starting the process itself—with team members to define their tasks and assigning responsibilities to those with relevant skills. Continue reading