One of our favorite sayings is, “A tool is only as good as the owner.” So too, project management tools. An expert handy person wields the most effective results from expertly and appropriately using a wrench or a screwdriver for the job. Or, in the case of a good cook, a savvy interpretation in baking a delicious lemon meringue pie from thousands of recipes available at their fingertips.

As Aristotle advises, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

New and jaded managers searching for innovative project management skills to become more successful will find Angela Brister’s When Life Hands you a PROJECT, MANAGE IT! the perfect project management book. It’s a terrific desktop reference (in your laptop and/or printed out).

Secrets of Project Management Pros:

  • 5 fundamental stages of the project management process (Hint: see page 18)
  • Tips for customizing your very own project management plan for every job (Starts with Chapter 1)
  • Sigmund Freud commented, “We are who we imagine others believe we are.” What personal attributes are needed to grow and groom a project management professional at work and at home? (Tips are in Chapter 4, and a breeze to brush up on!)
  • 15 crucial “Manage It! Rules” every manager needs to know. (Chapter 5 clearly explains them.)
  • The Art of Creating a Plan and Delicate Balance of Maintaining a Budget. (Chapter 7 shows how.)
  • How to recognize problems and put out fires safely. (Take a deep breath for Chapter 12.)
  • Master the “15-Minute Blitz Cycle”–a primer on how to put projects gone astray, right back on track! (Turn to page 88 for easy instructions.)
  • Why (and how) to keep projects on track with the “One-Third Follow-up Rule.” (Hint: see page 96)
  • Client education is at stake for stakeholders–how to satisfy clients without giving up your shop.
  • How to communicate clearly–secrets from passing the baton from track and field relay teams.