Project Management & Positive Living Rewards

GOAL: How to apply the essentials of project management to enrich your life
Do you notice how you mirror your work activities to every day living?
It’s an undeniable statement of fact that our lives are systemically
intertwined in everything we undertake—whichever way we cut it.

That’s why I totally subscribe to the basic philosophy that, in learning
the basic essentials of project management and applying positive and
high standards to every endeavor, we benefit on the job and end up
happier and more contented with our lives, other people and our

Every day, we’re faced with ideas that can impact and improve our lives.
However, I’ve also observed that immediately after these inspirations
appear, the mind asks, “If I could possibly pull that off, where would I

Indeed, what is the difference between the person who tries—and the person who doesn’t?

Having the confidence to try new ideas is definitely a key factor. Where
does confidence come from? From knowledge and experience. From learning
the essentials of project management, which gift you invaluable
insights that every successful person needs to know, in order to live a
happy and satisfying life.

The five essential stages of project management are:

  • Define
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Monitor
  • Closure

Imagine if it was that simple to define your goal, create a plan for
success and execute the plan. At that point, all you’d have to do is
watch out for red flags that may hinder successful results.

However, eight out of ten failed projects can be attributed to the
person in charge—the project manager. It’s the manager’s inability to
take ownership of the project that becomes a major roadblock. They are
stymied by their own fears and insecurities, which stifle successful

Every successful project manager knows how to overcome personal and
situational limitations. So can you. When you’re able to learn and apply
the essentials of project management, the possibilities are endless in
enriching your life, too.

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