Get With It!

Make it your mission to uncover whatever is holding you back. Then face it head on! The problem with uncovering who we are (and I speak for myself) is that while you might begin to like you, others will not. That’s just okay, because you’ve lived your life too long pleasing them.

For my friends and family it was a shock. I no longer asked them for advice on situations and with my life. I sought counsel from my pastor. I sought God. That’s it. You can’t be mad when the decision you made was made by you and you alone. If you fail, pick yourself back up and keep on moving! This is the secret to success—with failures as the pillars to success. Don’t give up!

If we don’t find the root cause of all this madness, our daughters will be mad and on it goes, generation after generation. Let’s stop the madness now. Let’s show our young black women that life can be full of joy, happiness and is indeed meaningful. Life can be more than about pain and just trying to make it. Every day is different and meant to be lived fully and happily. Reach within yourself to do one thing differently each day. That’s how you get your hair wet!


Free & Natural Anti-Depression Tips

  1. Confront the person and/or issue headlong; and pray for resolution.
  2. Walk around the block and breathe in deeply to reenergize your senses.
  3. Take a new way to work and see what’s new and exciting to discover around the corner.
  4. Read a book that’s funny, inspiring or motivational with self-help tips like this one.
  5. Listen to a new song to unclog stale ol’ tunes running around in the circles of your mind.
  6. Cook something you’ve never cooked before; be grateful for how nourishing and tasty it turns out in satisfying you so deeply.
  7. Tell your family you love them, even as you cherish their love.
  8. Ride a bike, roller-skate, jog, swim—any kind of exercise to get moving.
  9. Pray sincerely for Grace to bless, guide and protect all your actions.
  10. Present a new idea at work, without expecting praise, but as a heartfelt offering to empower your team on to higher standards and amazing results.
  11. Pin your hair up, clear your view and welcome a whole new world of possibilities!


Let’s get our hair wet by knowing ourselves first. That is, unlearn the old notion that cultivating relationships with others comes first in your life. Instead, befriend your Self first, to get to know your needs, limitations, positive points and to like yourself—before trying to strike up relationships with others.

Get Moooving to Stay Healthy & Happy!

A year after the New York Times article with Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin, National Public Radio interviewed her (August 8, 2012) on this same issue. She tells a story of one woman losing thirty pounds. Right on the money—thanks to the salon owner and employees encouraging this woman—this woman signed a commitment with her hairdresser to live healthier, exercise and eat right. Making a healthy commitment to your Self is an important first step to moving away from sickness and disease towards wellness and prevention!


GET WITH IT: Gift yourself healthy favors with annual:


  1. Pap smears
  2. Mammograms, including self-examinations
  3. Dental checkups, including semi-annual cleanings


As we know, an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure later on. Pass these tips along to your hairdresser. Drop hints for your husband or boyfriend to nudge their barbers to advise customers on yearly medical checkups, too. reported that in 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, found black women had the highest overweight or obesity rates in the U.S. compared to other ethnic groups. In 2010, 70 percent were more likely to be obese than white women. Four out of five black women were overweight or obese, and African-Americans were 70 percent less likely to exercise than white people in 2010.

This same article explained why black girls are discouraged from running and exercising—because of our cultural myths. Toni Carey, founder of Black Girls Run! a national running group, said her own mother told her it’s something black girls don’t do. Why? Because her uterus might fall out!! and other crazy myths.

What have you heard? Are you taking these myths literally sitting down—or will you outsmart them by researching the truth? Remember Chapter 3 where I encourage you to find out true information for yourself, instead of taking myths and ignorance as facts?

Stay Off Diets—They Don’t Work!

What are three easy keys to more successful diet plans? Very simply:

1) Eat fewer calories (by staying off trans or hydrogenated fats and artificial sugars so prevalent in fast and processed foods that are chockfull of chemical preservatives);

2) Increase your dynamic activities to burn off calories; which

3) Equals weight loss!


While proper weight is important, it’s not the only factor for good health. To stay healthy, a person can work out and eat well—while still not meeting what society deems the “ideal weight” for your age and gender. Body type and genetics matter, as well.

Therefore, when communicating to our young black girls on what is good and healthy, it must be emphasized that being thin is not directly associated with being healthy. That’s because our genetic body frame is typically larger than those of other races.

Sacrifice is Salvation!

Are your expenses running way over your income? Like most women, I’ve been there. I hate to sacrifice, especially when it hurts. But as for all things, sacrifice brings reward. You’re going to have to toughen it out by asking: Am I able to endure a little pain now, in order to avoid lots of pain later? It’s called “deferred gratification” to sacrifice for the present—in order to reap bigger benefits later!

More good news; by acknowledging you’re in bad shape financially, you can start to heal and recover now. But, first, you’ve got to analyze your situation as outlined in the five steps above on how to create a realistic budget.

Black Woman, Just Manage Your Finances!

We live in a world of finite resources, especially money. Whether you’re making $100 dollars a week or $100,000, it’s all about budgeting. Get this: 44 percent of lottery winners blow their entire winnings within five years. Yes, even lottery winners need to learn how to budget!

It pays to manage your finances with a budget. Begin now. Teach your children the life skill of saving and budgeting for school, then later for college. As responsible adults, they’ll pass along this skill to their kids, too. This is a lifesaving heritage for everyone—starting with parents learning how to do it.

I don’t want to leave my daughter handicapped in not knowing how to manage her money. I want her to be financially literate and money savvy. I’m getting my hair wet to lead by example. This is a lifesaving inheritance—if only with the ability to budget and manage her finances judiciously. It starts with us teaching our kids to live within their means, frugally, for a life of practical salvation!

Financial Literacy & $ Management Tips

Learn how to budget with my five-step tips; teach your kids, too.

Start paying bills with cash only. Don’t dip into credit cards.

Keep those credit cards locked away; pay them off as much and quickly as possible to regain your financial independence!

Welcome “sacrifice” or deferred gratification into your lifestyle as a practical money management tool.

Learn to honor yourself and others by paying your bills on time!

Learn to trade or barter goods and services to lessen your dependence on exchanging money.

Learn to be more frugal by bootstrapping—in doing more with less!


Black Woman, Start Being Money Smart, in Getting Ahead!!