Watch Your Self-Confidence Skyrocket With This One Trick!

Okay, I lied; it’s not really a trick. What I’m about to tell you is a proven way of taking your self-confidence to the next level and that is by……drum-roll please….exercise!

Let me tell you why. When you spend time on taking care of yourself, you will end up with a higher feeling of self-worth. This is because you know it is not easy to get up before the sun rises and follow through with your workouts while the rest of the world sleeps – and yet you did. You placed importance on yourself. You will know that you did what had to be done, even while no one was watching. With this comes an immense amount of self-respect which will most definitely increase your self-confidence.

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How to Build Self-respect and Boost Self-esteem?

Feeling self-confident about your abilities is extremely important for attaining your goals and living fulfilled life. Self-respect is the major ingredient of any self-confidence. When you respect someone you feel friendly and positive feelings towards him or her. Similarly, when you respect yourself, you feel positive and friendly about yourself; you value some of your qualities and respect your needs and feelings.

For many black women self-respect doesn’t come naturally. It’s no wonder, since many of us have been raised by only one parent, most often a mother. So most black women didn’t receive enough attention from a single parent. They didn’t feel important during their childhood; they didn’t think their feelings and desires were important and should be respected. So majority of black women have no self-respect and low self-esteem. Continue reading

3 Steps for Setting Boundaries and Build Self-esteem

Do you have hard time saying no and setting boundaries, so you keep agreeing to do things you really don’t want to do? Afterwards you feel emotionally drained and physically tired? Do you tolerate disrespectful behavior, comments and pushy people? Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you really need to start setting boundaries.

Setting boundaries is crucial for respecting yourself. When you develop self-respect, you’ll be on your way to building self-esteem. Continue reading

Have Self-esteem Like Beyoncé

I actually wanted to entitle this post ‘Have self-esteem like Rihanna’, but I found out, earlier this this year, she’s received counseling to deal with her self-esteem issues. Although, superficially looking, one might think Rihanna is bursting with confidence, reality is different. This almost became yet another stereotype of a black woman. I’m sure you know many black women who are, like Rihanna, covering their insecurities with their ‘confident attitude’.

While, on the other hand, Beyoncé is someone whose self-esteem comes from within. Someone who’s a real role model for what I want you to achieve! Continue reading