Do You Recognize These 3 Steps That Lead to Depression and How to Prevent Becoming Depressed?

If you’re depressed or you once were depressed, it’s important to recognize these 3 steps that lead to depression. If you recognize these steps and deal with each one of them appropriately, you’ll be able to prevent becoming depressed. Continue reading

What Causes Depression in a Woman?

If you are a depressed woman, you’re probably asking yourself why you feel so gloomy, what is the cause of your depression. First, you need to know that, as a woman, you’re two times more prone to depression than men. Female depression is different from male depression. Depressed men tend to blame others, feel angry, irritable; ego inflated, suspicious, guarded, restless, agitated, and create conflicts. While women tend to behave and feel just the opposite when depressed.

This means you’re probably lying somewhere in a fetal position, covered with blankets and pillows, hoping that everybody will leave you alone. You’re pondering over and over the same dark thoughts, like a broken record. You’re blaming yourself for the condition you’re in.

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