Why I Wrote Black Woman, Just Get Your Hair Wet?

Dear Black Woman,

Why did I write BLACK WOMAN Just Get Your Hair Wet: Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential? It’s because we need to be aware of a growing national crisis where depression is wreaking havoc on African American women—and the painful consequences in preventing us from reaching our fullest potential to be happy and fulfilled!

Mental Health America reported:
63 percent of blacks surveyed believed depression is a “personal weakness” with only 31 percent viewing it as a treatable medical illness;              —more black women than white women are depressed (because of poverty, racism and larger families, to cite a few reasons).
URL: http://voices.yahoo.com/black-america-needs-acknowledge-depression-says-576833.html

The result? Many young blacks grow up not knowing how to function confidently and effectively in mainstream society. We’re depressed. And we need help figuring out safer routes to travel on Life’s Highway.

In fact I’d no idea that growing up, I was suffering from depression, too. I’m even more impassioned today for our kids to gracefully navigate mainstream society (and the world) with confidence.

My mission in life is to make a difference by empowering people to succeed.

With BLACK WOMAN Just Get Your Hair Wet, my goals are to help black women:

Heal from generations of psycho-social-economic entrapment.

  1. Achieve their fullest, most divine potential.
  2. Become successful role models for their daughters and others in any community.

No one chooses to be a failure. And while there are external circumstances beyond our control, there are also many things we can selectively embrace to empower personal growth, to enhance our self-worth in living a more peaceful and beautiful life.
I sincerely hope you’ll draw lots of inspiration from BLACK WOMAN Just Get Your Hair Wet to achieve your dreams. And pass along your discoveries to your children.

So, kick back, get your hair wet and aspire to soar with self-improvement tips for:

  1. Dealing with Depression
  2. Exercising and Eating Healthy
  3. Making Right Choices
  4. Establishing Quality Relationships
  5. Building a Realistic Relationship with God
  6. Becoming a Role Model
  7. Financial Literacy

Plus many more life-saving ideas and life skills everyone needs to acquire.

To wet your hair, click here for some book excerpts from BLACK WOMAN Just Get Your Hair Wet.
I’m happy hear from you, and come speak at your special events!

With my very best wishes,
Angela Brister